A CLOSURE notice has been placed on the troubled Hutton Park Residential Care Home after concerns that residents were 'still at risk'.

Watchdogs have served the notice on the Greenock Road care home after it failed to meet only one of nine improvement orders laid down at a recent unannounced inspection.

Head manager for the Care Inspectorate in the west of Scotland, Helen Brown, has written to the facility proposing the cancelling of its registration.

The notice follows the expiry of periods within which some of the improvements were to be made.

Hutton Park had been called upon to ensure service users received care and treatment that was safe and effective through appropriate management practices.

A report after a recent swoop by investigators found that there were some improvements but stated: "Despite this, residents were still at risk.

"The medication audit for the week prior to the monitoring visit showed compliance of only 65 per cent.

""The Care Inspectorate would have expected a figure of as close to 100 per cent as possible."

The watchdog added that there was also 'increased risk of medication error' as a result of incorrect administration practices.

Further medical issues were also highlighted, including medication only being prescribed once a day instead of twice as required.

Ms Brown said: "The consequences of residents not receiving medication as required are serious. It could result in poor management of long term and acute conditions.

"The absence of clear instructions for administration could result in agency or new staff unfamiliar with residents maladministering medication.

"Even if any guidance has been communicated to the staff, they would appear to not be following it as multiple errors are still occurring.

"Failure to record a medication as given may result in an accidental overdose which could have serious consequences."

The Care Inspectorate found that Hutton Park had found that multiple support and protection issues had not been appropriately reported to it, while there were seven staff who had not attended adult support and protection training, despite this being an urgent priority.

A spokesperson for the Care Inspectorate said: “Everyone is entitled to high quality care that reflects their needs and upholds their rights.

"We have been monitoring Hutton Park Care Home in Largs to try to ensure residents’ needs are being met and their rights and choices respected.

“This service has failed to make appropriate improvements and we have made a proposal to cancel its registration.

"The provider has exercised its statutory right to make representations in relation to our proposal to cancel registration, and we are considering these, as we are required to do, before deciding whether or not to implement our proposal.

“Anyone with a concern can contact us on 0345 6009527, and do so anonymously if required.”