LARGS is flying high as unique African butterflies swarm the town in a once-in-a-decade phenomenon.

Resident Jacqueline Taylor's garden in Holehouse Road has become a hotspot for the rare visitors, with hundreds of butterflies fluttering around her garden.

The delicate 'painted lady' butterflies are believed to have been brought on the 4,000 mile journey from Africa due to the unusually warm winds this summer.

Jacqueline says has been thrilled to welcome them as they take up residence on her buddleia bush.

She said: "I feel very privileged to have them in my garden.

"It is absolutely incredible to think that these tiny fragile creatures were once caterpillars in Africa and now they are here.

"Seemingly it has been a combination of the warm winds and humid weather we have been having this summer that has attracted them.

"They have been here about a week now and have come in incredible numbers.

"When a lorry goes by they all fly up in a giant cloud, it is an incredible sight.

"We normally see a few red admirals or peacock butterflies, but not in these numbers.

"To think of the fight these tiny things would have endured to have travelled so far. It really is magical."

Jacqueline says that she is concerned that the mass migration could be a result of global warming.

She added: "Something is definitely changing for us to have summers like this.

"We get winds every year but I have never seen it bring the butterflies from so far in these numbers before.

"My worry is that if it is climate change and they keep getting blown over here then they could all die off.

"Even if they lay eggs here or try to breed there is no way they would survive our winters.

"But if they keep getting blown over here there will be none left in Africa to breed.

"We don't have the climate or vegetation to sustain them and sadly that means they will die off."

The orange and black butterflies have been seen fluttering around the town as well as in Millport as they make themselves at home in their new surroundings.