A high number of dead jellyfish have been washed up on the local coastline, readers have told the News.

Russ Cavanagh asked:"Has anyone got any idea why so many - and there were lots - of dead jellyfish have been washed up onto Largs beach over this past week or so?

"Is this a common phenomenon?"

David Nairn of the Clyde Mammal Marine Project said: "It definitely seems to be becoming more common and anecdotal links to warming of our seas and overfishing.

"Blooms of jellyfish are filling a plankton eating niche normally exploited by fish.

"If you take all the fish away, jellyfish are able to multiply quickly to take advantage of available food.

"Different species of jellyfish will appear depending on their reproductive cycles but mass stranding of jellyfish is usually because tidal and weather conditions have left them high and dry."