MSPs representing the local area have clashed over Brexit.

Constituency MSP Kenneth Gibson has asked Tory Regional List MSP Jamie Greene if he agrees with Prime Minister Boris Johnson that any Tory MP who fails to support a No Deal Brexit should be banned for standing as a Conservative candidate.

This group includes a number of former Cabinet Ministers who have now been deselected by the Conservative Party after a dramatic vote at the House of Commons after supporting Labour attempts to block a no-deal exit from the EU..

Said Mr Gibson: “The Tory MSP Group at Holyrood has shown itself utterly subservient to its Westminster leadership, through every Brexit twist and turn, unlike their more independently minded MP colleagues.

“Only seven of the 31 Tory MSPs at Holyrood voted for any kind of Brexit, let alone No Deal. Mr Greene was not one of them. He voted Remain. Does he therefore agree with the Prime Minister that people like him should be excluded from standing for the Tory Party at a forthcoming General Election?

“Or will Mr Greene experience an opportunistic ‘Road to Damascus’ conversion to No Deal Brexit, in order to further his career?

“I think we should be told.”

Jamie Greene responded: “ It’s glaringly obvious that Kenneth Gibson’s press release was written by Nicola Sturgeon’s research team, and he clearly didn’t read it beforehand or he would have thought twice about factually incorrect assertions.

“If he sat in the Holyrood chamber more often he’d have heard me confirm in public that, like 43% of North Ayrshire voters, I voted to leave the EU.

“Since then I’ve consistently said we need to respect and enact the public’s decision to leave Europe - whilst Kenneth and his SNP colleagues refuse to accept the result of any referendum.

“Perhaps if the Gibsons, who represent the good people of North Ayrshire, spent more time fighting for their voters in parliament than fussing over the voting patterns of their opposite number they wouldn’t be in such untenable and rocky positions with the electorate.“