An author who lives in America has turned DJ for Cumbrae Community Radio Station.

You can listen to the soothing tones of Edwin Deas on the 6pm-8pm slot on Mondays on the online station which you can also download from the website

Edwin, who was born in Edinburgh, but lives predominantly in the U.S, said: "I'm back on Cumbrae to settle down and play some typical west coast music, with love from the west coast of America to the west coast of Scotland."

Other DJs include North Ayrshire Citizen of the Year Suki McGregor, and Jensen Newton who runs the Crazy Golf facility on Cumbrae.

One of the volunteers who helps run the station, Alan Cawley said: "We work hard to provide a public music and entertainment service for the community of Cumbrae.

"Our internet radio programming is made up of local everyday people who want to give back to the community or just have a passion for good music.

"We provide full training to anyone wishing to join and our station can be found on the Tune In radio app."