The council is seeking your views on what can be done together to prevent irreversible damage to our environment.

A consultation called ‘Climate Change: Just Cool It’ has now been published online.

The council committed to taking action now to reduce carbon emissions across North Ayrshire after being proactive in reducing the amount of carbon emissions associated with electricity, gas, transport fuel and waste, reducing their carbon emissions by almost 40 per cent since 2005.

Almost 10MW of renewable or low-carbon energy has been generated so far through its solar retrofit programme, biomass retrofit programme and landfill gas recovery schemes, and over 60 per cent of street lighting across North Ayrshire has already been replaced with more energy efficient LED lighting.

The council also invested £1million in energy efficiency measures in a range of council buildings, which will be paid back by guaranteed savings in energy bills.

An ambition to be net-zero carbon – achieving a balance between carbon emissions and carbon removal – has now been set by reducing emissions from homes, buildings, transport and waste to offset any emissions created locally by the likes of planting trees to absorb carbon dioxide.

The views you share throughout the consultation will help to shape the next climate change strategy.

Councillor Jim Montgomerie, Cabinet Member for Place, said: “While we are already working hard to reduce carbon emissions, we know that there is a lot of work ahead.

"Your views are important to us and will help to shape our strategy on climate change and what we can do to fight it now and in the years ahead.”