COUNCIL bosses say they are willing to work with residents to come up with a solution to move motorhomes off Millport's seafront.

Cumbrae Community Council demanded action over the ongoing issue of campervans parking for weeks at a time, disrupting the view and causing excess noise.

Now talks are set to take place that could see a ban on overnight shore parking introduced.

The group say a balance must be struck between welcoming holidaymakers to the island and limiting those pitching up for prolonged periods on the front but want to ensure that tourists are not penalised for coming to the island.

Community council chair Crawfurd Gillan said: "At the moment caravans and campervans are staying there because there are no restrictions preventing them from doing so.

"We don't want to stop them from coming altogether and we are more than happy every year to welcome people to the island.

"However we need to find a solution to the problem, because the fact is that they come and they park on the front and use massive noisy generators, as well as disposing of their waste down the drains or even off of the pier.

"There is no point in implementing parking restrictions and offering no alternative site for people to go to, because we don't want to put people off coming here.

"If people can park on the front with a nice view without being fined then why wouldn't they?

"Hopefully we can come up with some sort of solution which will offer off road parking and allow for an uninterrupted view of the seafront.

"It would benefit everyone for motorhomes to have a designated site and if possible access to toilets and showers.

"We also can't just put restrictions at one point and offer nothing else because it will just move the problem elsewhere in front of someone else's home."

North Ayrshire Council previously entered discussions with Cumbrae Community Development Company about the possibility of making the back area of the Garrison grounds 'motorhome friendly'.

However these were only preliminary discussions and the plan was never progressed.

The community council say a solution must now be found to benefit both islanders and tourists.

Community councillor Angie McCallum said: "We tried to do something like this years ago but it died on its feet because no one was willing to take it forward.

"It needs to have the strength of all the groups on the island working together to come up with an answer.

"I think it is definitely achievable, we just need the effort to be put behind it."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Cumbrae is a thriving tourism destination that continues to grow in popularity, and we will support the community in considering requirements for visitors to the island.

“While there are powers available to introduce overnight parking restrictions, this would follow a statutory process and would be subject to consultation.

“Officers are happy to meet with community representatives to discuss the issues further.”