LARGS Police Station will be on the move to Brooksby 'imminently' according to force chiefs.

Sergeant Sharon Kerr told Largs Community Council that the transfer is expected to happen within weeks.

The police station was built in Largs in 1871 and also has an adjoining Justice of the Peace court, which was taken out of use in the 1970s.

Some of the police artefacts inside the station date back as far as 1907, including books detailing old policing practices and historic Ayrshire legislation.

The existing station is two floors, and includes a reception area and prison cells, which have also been out of use for many years. Those detained now are instead taken to the holding area in Saltcoats.

There will be an opportunity for the public to visit the station before it closes, with tours of the facility being arranged.

Sergeant Kerr said: "We anticipate the move will be taking place some time during October.

"We are currently at the stage of carrying out our IT tests.

"It is an exciting time but there is a lot of history attached to the police building in School Street.

"We are currently preparing for the anticipated office move, which is imminent."

A new inspector is also in charge ahead of the move, with Alison Wilson recently replacing Colin Convery to become the first female police chief at Largs.

Sharon added: "There will be an opportunity for the public to visit before the building is closed for good. We are sure that will be popular as it has been a focal part of Largs' history for many years."

Police Scotland told the News the station has 'outlived its purpose' and fallen into a state of disrepair.

The move to Brooksby was seen as an 'all agency approach' on the basis that the resource centre also includes council services such as social work.

There have been many changes in the area since the station was built, and town's population was just 4,087 compared to today's 11,170.

There has been speculation that the ageing facility could become part of a new sheltered housing complex which will replace the existing one next to the station.