A LARGS author has fulfilled his dream of becoming a published author with a novel five years in the making.

Tim Cowen, 49, says he has taken inspiration from his home town to pen his first book, which takes a unique look at the local political landscape.

Although most of the action takes place in Glasgow, there are familiar local places that pop up in the book, including Largs Library, on board the Waverley and the CalMac ferry.

Tim will be launching his book, 'Banquet of the Beasts', at a free event in Lounge on October 8 from 7 to 8.30pm.

Having appeared twice at the Edinburgh Fringe, the Largs reading is the third of five Tim is doing to promote the book.

He said: "I've loved writing since I was young and have dabbled in the past in performance poetry and comedy.

"For my novel I wanted to write a longer piece where the words would stay on the page rather than just be performed and my love of nature, cooking and keen interest in politics also inspired me.

"Banquet of the Beasts does not easily fit into one genre. While it is political, it also has elements of fantasy and science fiction.

"It has romance, comedy and scary bits, so let’s just say it is ‘genre-defying'.

"I’ve done much of my writing on the train as I commute into Glasgow and also in a number of Largs cafes."

Tim describes Banquet of the Beasts as a 'dark tale about the nature of power and the power of nature, revealing a story about badger culls, fake news, the rise of foodbanks and the legacy of Margaret Thatcher'.

As well as taking inspiration from the town, Tim has been inspired by his work as a manager of Woodlands Community Development Trust, a Glasgow-based charity who've pioneered a healthy alternative to foodbanks based around shared community meals.

He added: "I'm a longstanding campaigner on environmental and social justice issues and an active member of Extinction Rebellion Scotland. I have worked for 30 years in the voluntary sector.

"So at it's heart the story is a deeply moving tale of friendship and a passionate call for a different relationship between man and beast."

Anybody interested in finding out more or who wants to buy a copy of the book can visit https://igg.me/at/banquetofthebeasts.