Extensive tree feeling at Halkshill which took place in Largs on Monday morning included the loss of a beautiful horse chestnut tree.

The reason behind the move was to re-route power cables but the matter was of great disappointment to locals.

Ian Dippie of the Save the Gretas campaign told the 'News': "Yes it is sad that established woodland like this can be felled with little regard.

"These trees and woodland are part of local heritage and very significantly different to the new plantings behind Largs planned over the next couple of years.

"I understand campaigners have looked into this destruction but due to the electricity company having way leave to do what is necessary to maintain its network little can be done to stop it."

Anger was also expressed on community forums about the loss of the trees.

Speaking about the forthcoming forestry development in Largs, Ian said: "As far as I am aware the new Halkshill broadleaf plantings, part of the Stakis/Tilhill forestry development, will not include any of the grande species such as horse chestnut, ash, elm, oak, sycamore etc. and will be quite densely planted, similar to the developing woodland near A760/B784 road junction."