Former News editor Drew Cochrane will be making his Antiques Roadtrip debut on BBC1 on Thursday at 3.45pm.

Largs antiques dealer Franco Narducci will be joined by friend and former Largs News Editor Drew Cochrane, who will bring their expertise to the masses.

BBC crews and presenters rolled into town in an original 1966 Mark 2 Jaguar to visit the Waterside Street shop earlier in the summer

This will be the 11th time local dealer Franco has appeared on the show - but a debut for the News' popular columnist.

In the show the experts compete against each other to find the most valuable antiques and collectibles from Narducci's before selling them on at auction

Franco said: "I like to ask some of the well-kent faces from around Largs who are real characters and who will represent the town.

"It is good business for me to be asked to participate and I think it is good for Largs too.

"It is screened across the world and I have friends from America and Australia contacting me when they see us on TV."

Drew said: "The filming went well and I was in my tartan suit, which is made for television.