A fishing boat in difficulty off the Isle of Cumbrae required assistance from the lifeboat and the Cal Mac ferry to prevent crashing into rocks.

The ferry had to be withdrawn from service for a period as it rushed to help the industrial vessel which was reportedly suffering from steering issues.

The fishing boat was being given some protection from the weather by the local Cal Mac ferry Loch Shira.

The lifeboat safely the managed to secure the the vessel and tow it into Largs Yacht Haven where it was assisted in mooring alongside by members of Largs Coastguard Rescue Team.

RNLI spokesman Dave Hewitt said: "Largs lifeboat launched at 7.48pm on Friday evening to a small creel fishing vessel which had fouled its propeller and was drifting toward a rocky shoreline to the South of Ballochmartin Bay on Cumbrae.

"The Cal Mac ferry, Loch Shira, had responded to the casualty vessel and was providing a lee thus reducing the speed of drift in the prevailing strong easterly winds.

"Arriving onscene the volunteer crew members rigged a tow and towed the casualty to Largs Yacht Haven where assistance was rendered in securing the vessel and landing the sole occupant.

"Thanks go to the crew of the Loch Shira for their assistance in bringing this incident to a satisfactory conclusion."