The sweet melodic tunes and powerful lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel which still resonate some 50 years on resounded around Barrfields Theatre last Thursday night.

It was a stirring success as the famous musical duo were recaptured in their majesty by two talented musicians and vocalists - Adam Dickinson as Paul Simon and Kingsley Judd as Art Garfunkel.

Using huge projection photos and original film footage, a montage of images of man landing on the moon, Vietnam, and the civil rights movement in America took us back to the swinging sixties.

Both Adam and Kingsley share more than a passing resemblance to the famous duo, and the Largs audience were enthralled by the magic of 'The Sound of Silence', 'Hazy Shade of Winter' and of course, 'Bridge over Troubled Water'.

The young duo received a standing ovation from many at the Barrfields show and it was richly deserved.

It is the second year running that the show has come to Largs, and there is no doubting that it was a memorable night for the duo themselves who admitted that they had never heard of the town before their visit last year.

Given that they have performed around the world, with dates in the States, Canada and at the Edinburgh Festival, and have even received plaudits from the likes of Elaine Page on Radio 2, it made it even more special when Adam Dickinson told the audience that Largs will always have a special place in their hearts.

At the end of the concert, both Adam and Kingsley met many Largs fans and posed for photographs and selfies.

Remarkably Simon and Garfunkel split up in 1970 which seems like a lifetime ago but thanks to the extremely skilful talents and beautiful vocal talents of this tribute act, we were transported back in time to the heady days of these magnificent songs which have an enduring magical appeal.

As an interesting footnote, Art Garfunkel performed a cover of 'Breakaway' in 1975 - a fact which appeared on the information on screen - which was of course written by the famous Largs band of the 70s Gallagher and Lyle.

All in all, the Simon and Garfunkel story in Largs was an absolute triumph and we shouldn't be surprised if we see the duo return for a third appearance at Barrfields before too long. Excellent.