A BUDDING author has taken inspiration from the 'stunning' Millport scenery to write her debut novel.

Maura McRobbie launched her romantic novel, 'Howth', at a book signing on the island last week with a special signing session in Breath of Heaven on Guilford Street.

With her family owning a home on the island for over 50 years, Maura was inspired to feature the unparalleled landscapes in her story.

She said: "Although much of it is set in Dublin and Glasgow, my love of the Cumbrae coast features often.

"Not only that but Millport was the ideal location to write it.

"It's a place where you can find the time and space to fully engage with your imagination."

The book is a historical romantic fiction based on the life story of Maura's drandmother, who left Ireland to settle in Scotland in the early 20th century.

Islanders enjoyed a special reading from Maura last week as she shared the story and the motivations for writing the book.

She added: "It was a heavenly day in Millport for the book signing.

"There was standing room only in the bookshop and I was so pleased that the owner Juli Dempsey was kind enough to welcome me.

"I feel the story will appeal to a wide audience, young and old, to teenagers who are vulnerable and unsure where their future lies, and to the older generation, who have lived and made mistakes.

"The 'what if's' and 'what should have beens' are all behind them but they have survived, and serve as a guiding light to the younger generation.

"It tells the tale of how my grandmother left her sweetheart behind in Ireland to seek financial independence in Scotland.

"The themes of the novel explore the powerful influences of religion, and the pitiful rights of women in seeking opportunities and a better quality of life."

Copies of ‘Howth’ are on sale at Breath of Heaven in Millport, or can be found at www.mauramcrobbie.com.