LARGS Police's move to Brooksby has been delayed into next month - but over 140 years of case history is set to draw to a close in School Street.

Police had hoped to leave the School Street office during October but the move has been held up as they work to safely file away historic documentation spanning back to when it came into commission and transfer equipment to the new site.

The News can reveal it will now go ahead in the middle of November.

Sergeant Sharon Kerr said that while the new police premises will be smaller, they will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art resource to make sure officers can serve the public. She added that a date for the public to be able to visit to the old Largs Police Station premises has still to be arranged, but says there has been 'great public interest' in from locals wanting a final look round.

Sergeant Kerr also says that a future use for the building will be decided between police chiefs and North Ayrshire Council.

The police station includes the former Justice of the Peace court building in Court Street, which closed in the 1970s.

During a recent meeting at Largs Library community councillor Drew Cochrane said: "I may be the only one who remember the old court but I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like a final look round."

Sergeant Kerr added: "As soon as we have confirmation of the removal, we will have a specific time slot and date for people to visit and I will make sure it is communicated publicly.

"There was a date pencilled in but we weren't satisfied with that.

"We anticipate that the move will have taken place by the time of the next community council meeting on November 15."

Community councillor Margaret Wood said: "It is a pity to let it go. It is a beautiful building and part of the history of the town. "I remember being young and going in and looking at it."

Mrs Wood said she was looking forward to seeing the new police station when it was ready.

Sergeant Kerr said: "It is considerably smaller but certainly has enhanced facilities."

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch also asked that the public are made aware of where the new police building entrance is going to be.