A FRESH plea has been made to create a cycle path on Cumbrae after the horror accident that left a pensioner in critical condition.

A 69-year-old local man was airlifted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in September with serious head injuries following an accident on the island's Fairhaven access road.

Community councillors are now pleading with council bosses to build a safe route for bikers to make sure there is never a repeat as it emerged funding is being sought to push the project forward.

Member Graham Wallace said: "We need to get more active in ensuring that the cycle path, that has long been spoken of, remains on the agenda.

"This isn't the first time there have been problems as a result of road surfaces - and the lack of an appropriate cycle track.

"There have been a few accidents and people have ended up seriously hurt in hospital as a result. Sadly these incidents often go unreported because people just deal with the situation themselves.

"However what happened in September is the perfect example of why a cycle path is needed.

"We need to put more pressure on the council to get on with this and to convince them to actually put it at the location it is needed most."

A prior public consultation showed that people wanted a routed constructed between the Field Studies Centre and the pier.

Mr Wallace added: "We promote ourselves as a family-friendly cycling island and that's what we want to remain as."

Sustrans assisted in funding a feasibility study in 2017 and 2018 to look in to the possibility of a route on the island - but say that the next move lies with the council.

North Ayrshire Council have commissioned Sweco to prepare a report and looked at the potential to create an off road route extending from the ferry slipway to the quay head in Millport.

Consultation events have since taken place regarding the development and designs were drawn up, pictured, however the project seems to have stalled.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “The cycle path development is separate from the Flood Protection Scheme and will be subject to successful funding applications to partner organisations, including Sustrans.

“We are currently in discussion with funders with a view to submitting applications for the project.

"The phasing and extent of the path will be subject to securing the necessary consents and funding."