LARGS veterans have launched an urgent appeal to save the town's 'crumbling' war memorial.

The local branch of the Royal British Legion are campaigning to raise funds to repair damage to the historic monument on Bath Street.

Exposure to the elements has caused pieces of the memorial to break off away, with members concerned about its overall fabric, with no maintenance carried out in recent years.

A group of Largs Academy second year pupils are now trying to assist in the efforts by putting the Royal British Legion's project forward as their project for the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative.

It will see the youngsters present the idea to a panel in a bid to win £3,000 of funding that would be used to patch up the structure.

Patrick Murphy, chairman of the Largs legion, said: "Something urgently needs to be done. The monument is a vital part of the town's history which can't be lost.

"At the moment I think it will cost thousands of pounds to fix, but if we don't do something soon it is going to become an even bigger issue and could end up costing a lot more.

"It is falling to bits and because it's sandstone it's all just eroding with the cement between the bricks falling away.

"The council are cash-strapped, so I think we really need to try and find funding through other means.

"We got money a few of years ago to do some pointing work but that's all fallen out already.

"The problems are caused because the monument is open to wind, hail, rain and snow from every direction possible. It is just being beaten all of the time.

"It needs to be repointed and then to be covered in a protective coating which will stop it from eroding any further."

The local branch are now hopeful that the school pupils will come to their rescue.

The project is part of an initiative to encourage students to get involved in their local community and inspire them to be responsible and effective citizens.

Patrick added: "When the youngsters approached us an asked if we would be open to them putting us forward for their project we were delighted,

"We told them what we would put the money towards if they were to win and they agreed that it was a worthy cause.

"We went up to the school with John Hutcheson and Jack Ransom for a question and answer session with the kids.

"They really seemed to love hearing our veterans' stories and it gave them a lot of interesting information to help take their project forward.

"The kids are all absolutely incredible and from what we have heard of the project so far it sounds amazing.

"If they were to win us the £3,000 this would hopefully cover the costs of the repairs and protective work to make sure the monument remains standing and in good condition for years to come."