The Clydesdale Bank has agreed to paint the exterior of their former Largs branch after it was branded an eyesore by local MP Patricia Gibson.

The building, which closed its doors to customers in August, continues to be leased by the Clydesdale Bank.

Mrs Gibson wrote to the bank’s Chief Executive, David Duffy, in September about the poor state of repair of the building.

The MP said: “It was bad enough that Clydesdale Bank abandoned Largs and indeed, the whole of North Ayrshire. The least people can expect is that bank properties are maintained in a good condition whilst vacant.

“Local residents quite rightly felt the empty branch was fast becoming something of an eyesore, as the façade is not in a good state of repair.

“I am delighted that the Clydesdale Bank has now committed to ensure that it is maintained in a good condition so that it does not undermine the aesthetic appeal of Largs’ town centre.

“As the bank’s lease on the building comes to an end in April 2020, I hope that a new occupant can be found for this building and it is brought back into use by someone who will not just maintain but enhance it.”