North Ayrshire’s drivers are being urged to stay safe on the roads this winter as the colder weather begins to arrive.

Their roads experts have issued a few simple measures to help motorists prepare.

Their top tips are: Ensure your vehicle is well prepared – have it fully serviced. Get your battery checked before winter starts and carry out your own regular checks on the brakes, tyres, lights and make sure fluids are kept topped up.

Make sure all snow is cleared from your car before driving – don’t drive with snow on the vehicle roof or windows. Also, de-mist your car properly before setting off.

Keep an emergency kit in your car at all times. In the event you are stranded, handy items include a mobile phone and charger, shovel, wellington boots, gloves, de-icing equipment, torch, blankets and tow rope.

And always keep an eye on weather updates before you travel.

David Hammond added: “Driving in winter can be extremely dangerous given the extreme and often changing weather conditions.

“We should all be well prepared for this weather – and be willing to adapt our driving style when necessary.

"Packing some emergency essentials into their boot may only take a few moments now but could be a lifesaver."

More information and guidance is available on the Ready Scotland website