LARGS enjoyed a presidential visit as part of an international effort to improve ties with the south west of France.

This year marks the tenth anniversary between Largs and twin town Andernos Les Bains, with work ongoing to strengthen the relationship.

Andernos town twinning president Christiane Cauet made a recent trip to Largs to meet Richard Wilkinson, who chairs the Largs Town Twinning Association.

One of the ideas being discussed is a tasty link up between two eateries.

Christine explained: "We went to the Green Shutters and the owner Jim Walker said he would like to be twinned to a cafe in Andernos and exchange recipes. "It would be a twinning of two bistros - and would also help promote the bond between the areas."

Richard said: "We've talked about some ideas for the future and we have one or two suggestions which have been made to Andernos about a local choir going over too."

Over the past decade, many Largs people have visited the French town, including pupils and teachers from Largs Academy for the town twinning sports festival.

Andernos is undergoing some changes including the construction of a new cinema complex and the creation of a new food and drinks market.

Christiane said: "There is a lot going on in Andernos in winter. It is a very lively place at this time of year and I see a lot of similarities with Largs.

"We are very excited about our new cinema opening which will have one big screen, and three smaller screens.

"It has been a long time in coming as the only cinema we had in Andernos has been there since I was 18."

The town twinning group in France are hoping to encourage more school exchanges.

Christiane said: "It is important that we look to the future of town twinning. It is a marvellous opportunity for young people to get involved.

"We need to get the next generation involved."

Both Andernos and Largs are well frequented seaside resorts with similar populations and demographics, each near a big city - with Andernos an hour's drive away from Bordeaux.

The official twinning with Andernos les Bains was marked at a signing in ceremony in Largs in January 2009, sparking the decade-long friendship.

Andernos is famous for oysters, jazz, nature reserves, and fishing.

The bond between the two towns has been kept strong over the years with regular visits to the French twin as well as welcoming visitors to Largs.

Andernos is also twinned with Segorbe in Spain and Nussloch in Germany and on several occasions over the years all the towns have linked up for an international sporting tournament, with Largs hosting the Twin Town Games in 2014.

The town twinning link-up keeps costs lows as it acts as an exchange with families staying with French counterparts when staying abroad, and vice versa when they come to Largs.

However, a number of fundraising events take place through the year to support the organisation and to help to run events enjoyed by both Largs and Andernos people during their visit to Scotland.

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