LARGS town centre will be a safer place says a town councillor after a successful seven year fight to move one of the area's most-used bus stop shelters.

Ian Murdoch believes there will be a reduction in the potential for road traffic accidents and increased freedom of movement along Largs Main Street as a result of the decision he has batted for since 2012.

Largs town centre's traffic management scheme was installed in 2013 and included three double bus stops, two northbound, one at the railway station, one in Gallowgate Street and one southbound outside the Royal Bank.

Councillor Murdoch says the southbound shelter was left in the middle of the stop, meaning when two buses would stop at the shelter, the second bus blocking the carriageway.

He told the News that he was 'delighted' that the stop and shelter has finally been moved after his long-running campaign.

He explained: "The double bus stop can now be used as it was intended, to accommodate two buses, keeping them in off the road and leaving the carriageway clear to allow southbound traffic to flow freely.

"Moving the stop means that two vehicles will now be able to pull in off the road, providing it is left clear by other motorists. This should allow southbound traffic to flow freely and will assist the ferry traffic joining the southbound carriageway."

The independent councillor says the move is the result of years of campaigning.

He told the News: "I have been asking for this shelter to be moved for the last seven years. I think it will make a significant difference to the town centre's traffic flow, providing it is used properly.

"There have been many issues regarding the relocation including street furniture, trunk road authority and ownership of the shelter.

"I will now continue to concentrate on several other traffic and transport issues within Largs town centre.

"The ferry queue, the no right turn into the seafront car park and the lack of off street parking are some of the most important that I will be looking to have addressed next."