CALLS have been made for urgent repairs to a pothole-ridden pavement in Largs town centre.

Shopkeepers told the News how they have witnessed a spate of nasty falls on Main Street which has become cracked and damaged in recent months.

They fear someone could be seriously injured unless action is taken after watching one pensioner suffer a painful shoulder injury as a result of a fall last week.

The 69-year-old man took a tumble after his walking stick got stuck one of the potholes on the pavement outside Greggs.

Nan Mackay, manager of The Wee Craft Shop in Main Street, pictured, said: "The problem is that your toe or heel of your shoe can easily catch in the holes - and that can send you flying.

"One local gentleman got his walking stick stuck in one of the holes, lost his balance and crashed to the ground.

"I heard him scream out in pain and his face just turned grey. He was clearly in shock as a result of what was a very nasty tumble.

"He hurt his shoulder and I have seen quite a number of accidents happen now. Another shopkeeper gave a woman a seat after she fell in the same area last week too.

"I worry someone will suffer a serious injury before it is repaired. There are holes and cracks all over the pavement and it really should be treated as a matter of priority.

Nan's views were backed by Andy Adair of Largs Community Council, who raised the issue at a recent meeting.

He said: "The whole pavement needs to be resurfaced.

"That is Transport Scotland and Transerv's responsibility. I keep hearing that things are going to get done but still nothing has been done.

"Someone is going to be badly injured unless something is done.

"Some of the areas were patched up earlier this year but it was just cosmetic.Those are coming away and the area is now raised because the heavy rain is getting underneath.

"The elected North Ayrshire councillors need to do more in my opinion and press Transport Scotland to get this unsatisfactory situation sorted.

Cunninghame North MSP Kenneth Gibson has told the News he is also pursuing the matter.

A Scotland TranServ spokesperson said:“Scotland TranServ regularly monitors pavement conditions in Largs. We are currently designing a scheme to resurface the path, addressing such issues within the next couple of months. An inspector has been immediately dispatched to examine the surface and address the identified fault with a temporary repair.

"He identified three defects, and subsequent repairs are being carried out.

"We would like to thank customers for their support in helping us to identify such issues and encourage them to contact us directly through our website."