The SNP group in North Ayrshire is seeking tougher restriction on the sale of fireworks in Largs and Millport.

Councillor Dickson is calling for a change of council rules so that local sellers of fireworks would only be allowed sell category F2 fireworks, known as garden fireworks, to members of the public.

In a motion to the North Ayrshire Council meeting on Wednesday, Councillor Dickson also asked for a review of policies and procedures so that there would be greater control over loud fireworks.

SNP Councillor Dickson said: “I and several other councillors have received requests from constituents wanting the council to limit sales of noisier fireworks (category F3, display fireworks), thereby reducing stress and fear to humans, and stress and injury to animals.

“We want people to attend organised displays that are well advertised in advance and are well managed. It is the indiscriminate setting of fireworks that terrifies people. The lack of warning means that they are not prepared, can’t avoid it or take measure to minimise the effects." However, the move was defeated at the council meeting.

Cllr. Dickson said: ""Fear of having to pay a licence fee for these displays stopped the sensible decision from being made.

“It was disappointing that the excessive and distressing noise level of F3 fireworks was not addressed by other councillors.”

“However I am delighted to say that in bringing forward the motion it has focussed attention to get a better handle on how events are licensed, and fireworks are sold."

The Scottish Government are currently working on ‘ Fireworks in Scotland: Action Plan’ and a report is due next summer.