A MEETING has been called with utility bosses after a flood of people reported problems with the tap water in Largs.

Residents responded to concerns by local councillor Tom Marshall over a strong taste of chlorine in the local supply that he says forced him to only use bottled water in his home..

This week householders in Broom Court contacted the News to say that they refuse to use the tap water for the same reason.

Now Cllr Marshall is set to meet with water board chiefs to try and resolve the issue.

He said: "I am aware that there are now problems in some areas of the town and I will be highlighting these."

We reported last week that the councillor, who lives in Rockland Park, had noticed an 'overpowering' smell of chlorine from the supply into his home.

Scottish Water bosses insist it is safe - but have issued advice to locals who don't like the smell or taste.

The utility firm say that chlorine is added to disinfect it and keep it safe to drink.

The amount of chlorine added to water is tightly controlled by Scottish Water, but it is not unusual for a slight taste or smell of chlorine to be noticeable.

They say the drinking water contains no harmful bacteria capable of causing diseases and that chlorine has been proven to be the simplest and most effective means of disinfecting supplies in the UK for 100 years.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “We work hard to deliver clear, fresh drinking water for our customers every day of the year and we regularly test the water quality at our treatment works and at customers’ taps to ensure it meets the stringent standards required. The water in the Largs area meets those standards.

“We have contacted Councillor Marshall to arrange a meeting to discuss his concerns. We always take any issues of water quality seriously and if anyone has any concerns they should contact our helpline on 0800 077 8778.”