A SECTION of road in Millport where a cyclist was airlifted to hospital after crashing from his bike was shut for two days for the council to carry out repair work.

Part of the B896 was shut from November 11 whilst workers carried out repairs to the road which had become damaged.

The council claimed this week it was a routine inspection which uncovered damage caused by tidal conditions.

The resurfaced stretch is where a 69-year-old cyclist suffered serious head injuries after falling while cycling.

Whilst the man is recovering, police say he is unable to remember what happened on the day or what caused him to come off his bike.

Police officials launched an investigation appealing for any eye witnesses who were travelling on a bus which was passing at the time the incident happened.

The News understands that the probe found that the driver not at fault.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: "Enquiries have found that there was no fault on the part of the driver, although this did not form part of the investigation.

"The investigation also found that there were no poor road conditions at the time.

"The officers are satisfied with the result of their enquiries and there's nothing further to add.

"We are pleased that the cyclist has been making a good recovery."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We carried out repairs on a section of the road, caused by the tidal conditions, following a routine inspection.

"These took place over two days from November 11."