Largs Thistle Curling Club

THE annual staging of the Friendship Trophy between Largs and Land O’Burns curling clubs took place at Ayr ice rink.
Each club ices two teams and the aggregate score determines the winner. Land O’ Burns were the current holders of the trophy, and they managed to hang onto the silverware for another year, making it three wins in succession for them.
The two Largs teams for this event were:
Robin Goodall (skip), Linda Maxwell-Cox, Rita Salton, Jim Johnstone.
John Thomson (skip), Kenny Green, Billy Strang, Janie McKenzie. 
The matches finished one apiece, with John Thomson’s side coming out on top in a tight affair. Alas Robin Goodall’s side fell to a heavy defeat which meant Land O’Burns won overall. Since the trophy was first contested in 1998, Largs have won it on 13 occasions and Stair /Land O’Burns have triumphed nine times.
The annual contest for the McNish Rose Bowl between Largs and Auchenames curling clubs took place at Auchenharvie ice rink.
Each club ices two teams and the aggregate score determined the winner. Auchenames have won it for the past three seasons, and they triumphed once again, although the two clubs won one game apiece.Robin Goodall’s team won 6-3, but Kenny Green’s side lost 10-6. So overall they lost on aggregate by the slender margin of one shot, with Auchenames winning 13-12 overall.
Congratulations to Kenny Green’s team who won the gent’s league and became winners of the Tinnock Cup, Kenny’s team were Ron Copeland, Billy Strang and Gordon McLean They beat Robin Goodall’s team, John Thomson, Jim Johnstone and Billy Salton 3 points -1.