Police Scotland have launched this year’s festive campaign to tackle drink and drug-driving.

This is the first festive enforcement and awareness campaign to include the use of the new drug-drive laws which came into force last month.

The campaign highlights the criminal and personal consequences of being found guilty of driving a vehicle while under the influence alcohol or with drugs in your system.

Cunninghame North MSP Kenneth Gibson said: “Following implementation of the Drug Driving Regulations 2019 this is the first festive period during which motorists may face a roadside drugs test.

“We now have drug-drive limits and a zero tolerance approach to the eight drugs most associated with illegal use, including cannabis, heroin and cocaine.

“This allows Largs Police to carry out testing using mouth swabs for any motorist they suspect of drug-driving or who has been involved in an accident or stopped for a traffic offence.

“Taking drugs is harmful enough as it is; to then get behind the wheel and risk other people’s lives is unforgivable.

"I also urge people to leave the car at home if they intend to have even one drink. It’s just not worth it.”