A BRAVE Largs lady who beat breast cancer is using her experiences to help others battling the disease.

Cathy Campbell told how she wondered if she would survive after being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.

The 65-year-old underwent six months of intensive chemotherapy and had a mastectomy during a gruelling course of treatment.

She says that it was thanks to the support she received from the Largs Bosom Buddies cancer awareness group that she was able to keep going.

Cathy originally joined looking for the support of people who had been through similar experiences but is now its secretary.

The buddies meets regularly for a catch up on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm in Douglas Park Bowling Club - and Cathy is urging more women who have beaten or are fighting cancer to swell their ranks.

She said: "The women are incredible and such a lovely bunch.

"It is people who have been through similar experiences and can share their story and information about treatments and medications.

"It is comforting to know someone has been through what you are facing and come out of the other side.

"It was a huge relief when I was finally discharged and I am feeling well. Now I want to help other people the way I was.

"At the time you get so much information about medications from doctors and it can be really overwhelming but by chatting with the group that you find a little bit of comfort.

"We have all been on the same journey. The group really isn't all doom and gloom though, we have a good laugh and it is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

"We also do day trips and recently went to see the Motown musical, so it can just be a nice break when times are difficult."

The group has around 25 members and welcomes people battling any kind of cancer.

Cathy says they have a range of people who attend who have or are undergoing various types of treatments.

She added: "Things are constantly changing with medicines but there is usually someone who has been through it and they can help others better understand.

"I for example signed up for one of the test trials and was chosen at random to take part in it.

"I was terrified about it at first but it ended up taking a month off of my chemo treatment.

"For me that was great and I think it is good to let other people know about trials, although they of course have varying success.

"But the way I think of it is that if the trial has a chance of helping someone in the future then it can only be positive."

For more information about the group contact Cathy on 675865 or visit the Bosom Buddies' Facebook page.