A FAMILY in West Kilbride have transformed their house into an incredible winter wonderland.

The Clarks have decked their home out in over 150,000 lights, as well as giant Christmas trees, Santas, sleighs and reindeer.

It is the brainchild of Cameron Clark, 26, owners of Lawnmaster Greenkeeping and Landscaping, who used his skills to create the incredible display.

As well as the front garden, the ground and first floors of the house have been turned into a incredible visual feast featuring giant snowmen and toy figures brought to life.

The Clarks are throwing open their home on December 24 for an open night to celebrate the magic of Christmas.

Cameron said: "My parents inspired me - Christmas has been a family tradition in our household for many years.

"We have been lighting up the house for the past couple of years and slowly but surely we have started to get noticed."

The Clarks have managed to keep the display eco-friendly by using 90 per cent LED lighting.

As well as three giant Christmas trees in the living room area, there is an even bigger pine tree in the back garden.

Cameron said: "Everyone pitches in, including my mum and dad and my sisters Sarah and Annie. I am already planning ahead for next year.

"We use commercial wholesalers and have managed to bring illuminated reindeer, and even a floating snow village with accompanying model railway set in between the ground and first floors.

"I just love the magic feeling you get at Christmas - it is such a special time for all the family."

Cameron's dad George Clark is a retired university lecturer from California who moved to West Kilbride - where his family was originally from - 30 years ago.

He said: "Christmas is celebrated in a big way over in America and I think down the decades we have began to catch up.

"Cameron was six when he made his own Christmas tree - he asked me for a Fed Ed box and went away for a couple of hours and came back with an amazing Christmas tree - it was a work of art.

"He put it up in the front window and could see the amazement from passers-by. He could see the joy on their faces and that was when he realised how special Christmas had become - and it is that joy that we hope to give to all the people who visit our house.

"It isn't quite finished yet but it will all hopefully be ready for 24 December."

Mum Donna added: "Our display is a celebration of traditional Christmas toys and activities.

"We have collected a lot of historic Christmas decorations and ornaments from all over the world, some of which have been handed down the generations, and they are all on show.

"It is a true celebration of Christmas past and present and hopefully provides an important message for the future too."

The Clark's Christmas display in Seamill can be visited on the night of Christmas Eve between 6-9pm.