MAJOR plans have been unveiled to redevelop an eyesore former Largs care home.

Ambitious plans have been submitted to planners to demolish the old Warren Park nursing home and replace it with a modern 82 bed care facility, car park and 16 flats.

The plans come only a few weeks after council bosses lifted a planning condition on the site to try and encourage someone to take it on.

Warren Park closed nearly five years ago and the building has fallen into a serious state of disrepair - as well as becoming a target for vandals.

The proposals submitted now would look to create an all new care facility and housing on the site, with associated access roads, parking and landscaping.

Whilst the care home and flats are subject to separate planning applications, both have been made by Robert Potter and Partners LLP on behalf of the Care Concern group.

The 16 flats will be a mixture of two and three bedroom properties and sited next to the care home.

That would span over three floors with 16 bedrooms on the ground floor as well as a hair and beauty area, nail bar, a celebration room, staff room, changing areas, toilets, laundry room, kitchen, dining room, lounge area and visitor room.

The development would see 33 rooms on the first and second floor as well as other additional facilities.

An agent for Robert Potter and Partners said: "The existing building is in poor condition.

"Survey analysis has shown that the cost of remedial works is uneconomical and would not overcome the basic compliance issues which fall below the current care standards.

"On a national basis the population age is increasing, yet in the face of rising demand there are now overall fewer care homes and beds than there were several years ago.

"This has been further exacerbated by the closure of the existing Warren Park Care Home, now boarded up.

"While the care home is to accommodate 82 frail and elderly residents, people with dementia need to be in relatively small groups to avoid distress.

"The building layout has been set in such a way as to provide 'neighbourhoods' of 12 to 22 residents which can further be subdivided into groups of four to eight to reflect the needs of residents.

"These neighbourhoods are ordered over three levels with activity rooms, lounges, gym, café, cinema room, dining rooms and quiet rooms."

Access will be maintained from Bowen Craig Road, with 22 car parking spaces as well as an enclosed garden and bin store area.

However, NAC Flooding bosses have already objected to the development on the grounds that there are no detailed proposals or revised strategy for drainage systems.

Whilst the flat development will have a further 24 parking spaces the roads department have deferred their decision to approve the plans on the ground that they believe that inadequate car parking has been provided.

Council bosses will decide whether to approve the proposals at a meeting in February.