A new hashtag could be set up #LargsBusinesses to help boost the profile of the town on Twitter.

It is one of the suggestions which is set to be discussed as The Green Shutters which is hosting a new business networking initiative on 8 January at 6pm, and all local businesses are welcome.
Owner Jim Walker came up with idea of introducing the networking concept locally as it has been successful elsewhere.
In other areas, there are breakfast business networking events, and Jim is keen to follow a similar relaxed format in Largs to encourage ideas and link-ups to improve the overall shopping and retail experience.
He said: "We really want to give the business people of Largs an opportunity to get together in an informal way to build on existing relationships and forge new ones.
"We are especially keen for those sole traders or micro businesses who operate from home, kitchen tables, vans, or shared office spaces to have a chance to share successes and frustrations."

"There seems to be quite a bit of appetite for it - it is not something that is going to replace Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce locally or anything like that - it is much more informal.
"We are not looking at committees, agendas, a treasurer, or anything like that - we are just trying to bring the business community together in an easy-going and relaxed fashion and taking it from there.
"I have been to similar networking events around Ayrshire, and it always seems to be the same faces from Irvine and Kilmarnock, but not anyone from this end of the woods - and it would be good to change that."
"So I thought let's all have a chat in an informal setting.
"We carried out a poll to see if the Business breakfasts or evening events were more popular and the evenings won."
"It is about raising our profile as a town and how we can work together.