PROPOSALS to downgrade public safety precautions at Hunterston B have sparked anger.

Alan Hill, Councillor for North Coast and Cumbraes, has expressed his concern after we revealed a plan to reduce the public safety zone around the ageing power station.
Owner EDF Energy has proposed reducing the emergency planning zone around the facility from a 2.4km radius to just 1km - meaning tablets give to combat a radiation leak would go to fewer households.
Councillor Hill says the move presents an increased risk to public safety.
He added: "The proposed zone barely extends beyond the perimeter of the power station.
“It is hard to escape the conclusion that EDF has taken this transfer of responsibility to try to achieve a reduction of their responsibilities with a corresponding increase to the risk to public health and safety.
“Are they suggesting that with all of the issues to do with cracking and crumbling of the blocks within the reactor that it is in fact now safer than it was before? 
“The submission smacks of a degree of complacency which very few residents will share.
“The public have a right to be alarmed at this proposal at a time when significant degradation of the reactor core has been documented."
A spokeswoman for EDF said: "This updated legislation relates to every nuclear site in the UK and is not specific to Huntertson B. 
"EDF Energy is required to provide technical advice to local authorities on the minimum distance recommended. 
"The advice given to North Ayrshire, is based on robust information and the minimum distance recommended reflects the advice previously given to nuclear regulators.
"The final decision on the rests with the local authority, which will consider this report alongside other local factors.”
A report will be considered by North Ayrshire Council’s Cabinet in January to decide on the size of the new zone.