A LARGS restaurant boss told how the roof came in on his business - forcing it to close over one of its busiest times.

Shahid Hanif was left in shock after the ceiling within popular seafront eatery Anaya's collapsed because of an issue with water leaking through the roof.

It opened only a year ago after a much anticipated re-build following similar water damage but the problem resurfaced just before Hogmanay - resulting in the sudden closure of the premises.

The gutted owners this week told the News that they are 'working hard' to try and get the first floor restaurant open again as soon as possible.

Shahid said: "We are very disappointed to have had to close down Anaya's with immediate effect, but we hope to be back very soon.

"We had no option but close due to the water damage that brought the ceiling down. It kept leaking and we had no choice but to close until further notice."

The restaurant opened on 12 December 2018 and has built up a loyal clientele and reputation as one of the area's best places to eat.

Shahid said: "We were fully booked on 30 December, Hogmanay and New Year's Day so it was really disappointing for everyone.

"We had no alternative as the insurance companies and repairers have all be on holiday, we just couldn't get things resolved.

"Hopefully now the festive break is over we can get repairs moving and the plan is to get up and running again very quickly." Shahid says the family-run business has flourished since setting up in the town.

He added: "We were attracted to Largs because of the seafront, which makes for really wonderful views as you enjoy a meal. We have really had a good response from the Largs public and wider community."

Anayas has been open in Kilbirnie for six years and Shadid says customers can use gift vouchers, many of which were purchased as Christmas gifts, there too.

Shahid said: "My dad has been in the restaurant business for 30 years. He is the head chef and does all the mixing and prep.

"The business is named after his first first grand-daughter. who is now seven years old.

"Some of our customers who were given gift vouchers have been panicking but they are welcome to visit our Kilbirnie premises or wait until the Largs restaurant re-opens to use them. All of these will be honoured."

The area has lost a number of eateries recently with Morris's Restaurant, also in Gallowgate Street, closing its doors in November, and it will be re-auctioned shortly.

Tony Macaroni's restaurant also closed its doors for the second winter running but the owners told the News that they are intending to re-open in time for Mother's Day.