FLOODING leading to frozen ice on a narrow stretch of the A78 could lead to a fatality, a road safety campaigner claimed this week.

Archie Burleigh, who lives at The Meigle, contacted the News to highlight the dangerous stretch between Largs and Skelmorlie which is suffering with pools of surface water caused by inadequate drainage on the main trunk road.

The local resident says motorists could regularly be in peril unless the situation is promptly resolved.

He says he has made road authorities aware of the potential hazard to drivers - but so far, the issue has yet to be addressed.

He has now voiced his concerns in writing to Transport Scotland bosses in a bid to spark some action.

In a letter to Jonathan Moran, chief operating officer for Transport Scotland, Mr Burleigh said: "I wrote to your department concerning the above location on 9 December and my concerns about the inaction of your term contractor on what is a routine maintenance issue.

"On a recent morning the south bound lane is awash because the filter drain will not allow the water from the dyke drain to get away because of silt, weed and mud build up.

"The speed limit is 60mph on this section section of road and there is potential for aquaplaning at this juncture.

"Can you please get it sorted before someone is involved in a dangerous accident."

A Transport Scotland spokesman said: “Our Operating Company, Scotland TranServ, is aware of this issue and will work with the adjacent landowner from where water run-off appears to be entering the road.

“Scotland TranServ’s winter response crews also continue to take account of any areas requiring further special attention, including this site, to ensure greater attention throughout the duration of the winter period is provided.”

A Scotland TranServ spokesperson said: “Scotland TranServ is aware of the drainage issue at A78 Knock Castle between Skelmorlie and Largs.

"Due to adverse weather conditions, the performance of our drainage assets have suffered.

"We are taking immediate action to carry out an inspection and will make any appropriate repairs as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.

"To ensure the safety of all our road users, we will continue to monitor this route and investigate as a priority should weather conditions worsen.”