PARENTS say they are scared to let their children walk to the playpark in Millport because of the risk posed by dangerous drivers.

Community councillor Lisa Christie claims drivers are not taking into consideration the dangerous conditions on Ferry Road.

She says that parents are no longer letting their kids go to the park because of fears for them crossing the road safely on their own.

Lisa said: "A resident has raised concerns with me regarding the dangerous driving happening regularly on the road.

"Cars are speeding in the 30mph zone and once it changes in to a 60mph zone they are not taking into account that it is a narrow throughfare and that they should be going slower.

"I know for a fact that parents are scared to let their kids go to the park themselves because they would need to cross this road to get there.

"It would be good if we could get some flashing signs to encourage people to slow down."

The community council have called for urgent action before someone is hurt for the sake of both pedestrians and motorists.

Chair Crawford Gillan said: "It comes down to responsible driving. If people are in a hurry or rushing for a ferry there is sadly little can be done to actually stop them from driving at speed.

"The problem is that after the 30mph zone it is a national speed limit road and even though it is dangerous to be driving at that speed, there is nothing illegal about it.

"One of the roads was monitored last year with the rubber bands to see what people were travelling at. Maybe we should have that done again and monitor the situation before ask for any kind of action.

"The rubber bands assess the speed and distance between them and how many cars are going across, so it could give a good indication of the problem.

"It would allow us to see how bad the problem is and allow us to look at what we can do going forward."