Refusal by Morrison's to participate in Black Friday sales could be the reason behind a surprise drop off in sales figures, it has been claimed.

Following the news that the group sales at Morrison’s dropped 1.7% in the 22 weeks to January 5th, Andy Barr, retail expert and co-founder of online price tracking website, said: “The news surrounding Morrison’s disappointing financial results is somewhat of a surprise for us here at Alertr. After conducting research at the end of last year which revealed it to be cheapest overall supermarket for essential Christmas dinner products, one would therefore presume its fair pricing would keep it popular with consumer savvy Britons looking to pinch the pennies. However, spokespeople for the brand blame the drop in numbers on their refusal to partake in Black Friday sales, no doubt indicating somewhat of a learning curve for them and something they should probably re-think in terms of their 2020 strategy.

“Budget stores like Aldi and Lidl have been seeing great financial results after providing not only excellent value for money, but consistently high quality produce, and is something that Morrison’s need to think about if they want to compete against the big players.”