LARGS First Responders have rolled out their lifesaving defibrillator awareness courses to ensure as many people as possible in the town are prepared for emergencies.

They have stepped up visits to community groups and schools but are keen to make sure everyone in the town is capable of using the kit should the need arise.

They are urging locals to get in touch, enrol in their sessions and be ready to save a life.

Group co-ordinator Douglas Creighton said: "The defibs themselves talk you through what to do, so these sessions are just about increasing confidence in doing it.

"There is often an apprehension from many people that using them is challenging, dangerous or you need special training, but you don’t.

"We are hold these sessions to empower people and give them the confidence to know that in an emergency situation they will be able to help.

"Time is very important when someone takes ill and having someone there at the time who can confidently use the equipment may save someone's life.

"It also allows us to raise awareness of where all of the public access defibs are in our area. We hope people will look out for them and know how to react in critical situations."

The group has fundraised and worked with various partners and the community to develop a network of 11 managed and maintained pads, stretching from Wemyss Bay to Fairlie.

Douglas continued: "These are incredible resources to have but our job is to make sure that people know where they are and how to use them.

"The defibs have already been used in emergency situations by members of the public, so many know the benefits first hand.

"We would encourage as many people as possible to take part in any defib awareness courses, they are completely free of charge.

"Obviously you would hope to never have to use one but the more people that are prepared, the better."

Largs First Responders currently has a core of nine volunteers who actively take shifts in dealing with 999 emergencies while people wait on ambulance services.

They previously helped to assist ambulance services during the Beast from the East, ensuring ambulance crews got to critical calls.

Trained by the Scottish Ambulance Service, the First Responders are always looking for more volunteers. Anyone interested can contact or contact them on Facbeook.