The Field Studies Centre in Millport is equipping the next generation with the skills needed to fight the climate crisis after launching a brand new residential course.

The centre will host a five-day-long climate change ambassador course for students aged 16 upwards starting on 27 January.

The newly-launched residential field trip will cover a range of environmental topics, get youngsters involved in individual projects and teach them how to write a CV which will secure them a job in the environmental sector.

Alex MacFie, centre manager at Millport, said: “Climate change is the single biggest challenge facing humanity in the 21st century and this camp has been curated to give young people the skills they need to move forward and make positive changes to their own behaviour as well as influence and inspire larger climate-positive, systemic changes in society.

The course is open to final year A-Level and AS students, undergraduates and post-graduates and young people working towards their Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Gold Award.

It has been designed to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and comes as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme publishes its own ‘Experience List’ detailing 25 things teenagers in secondary schools should tick off before leaving school.

Number 25 on the list suggests teens should learn about climate change to help secure a sustainable future.

Alex said: “The timing of this course is absolutely perfect for those teens taking note of the experience list published by the Duke of Edinburgh and working towards their Gold award.

"It means they could get this one ticked off before the month is out leaving the rest of the year to focus on the other 24 experiences.

“We are also pleased to see that spending more time in nature features on the ‘Experience List’ for teenagers.

"There's no substitute for experiencing nature first hand.

"Connecting to nature does more than just help us understand the world we live in - it engages all our senses, captures our imagination and expands our horizons.”

The FSC has been a UK leader in providing outdoor education for 75 years. Last year it welcomed 165,000 learners to its network of field study centres located across Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.

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