ScotRail has launched a new campaign encouraging people to stop and think about their own personal safety while travelling or at work.

During 2019, more than 670 minor customer and employee injuries were reported across Scotland’s Railway, the majority of which were avoidable and a result of unsafe behaviours.

The new ‘Watch Yourself’ campaign aims to challenge the most common behaviours which can lead to accidents and injuries.

These include texting while walking, running through busy stations, and not holding handrails on stairs and escalators.

The campaign will run through Spring and will focus on a different series of unsafe behaviours each month.

Sylvia Wilson, ScotRail Safety Improvement boss, said: “Most of the minor accidents that occur are avoidable, and are a result of unsafe behaviour rather than unsafe conditions.

“Whether it’s asking a customer to mind the gap and watch themselves as they step on and off a train or asking a colleague to watch a trip hazard in the office – our new campaign asks people to be mindful of their surroundings and encourage others to be mindful too.”