NEW CCTV cameras have been installed at a car park in the centre of Largs in a bid to crack down on litter louts.

We reported how soiled nappies, mattresses and other rubbish was repeatedly dumped in the facility next to M&Co - sparking calls from locals for a major clean up.

It has been run by Parking Ecosse for a number of years and they say they have 'responded to calls from the public' for improved surveillance at the site.

They hope the cameras will act as a deterrent to the fly-tippers.

Struan Marshall, car parks administrator, said: "Parking Ecosse have installed three CCTV camera’s at our Largs site, which we will be using to police the site remotely in conjunction with more regular foot patrols.

"We are looking at an optimum system to log paying and non-paying cars to ensure as many spaces are available for all of our honest patrons.

"The company hope that this will also deter litter louts, but in the event of litter building up, our site patrollers will be collecting rubbish on site too.

"We are currently acquiring quotes for drainage work at the site to be carried out in the near future which will enable us to maintain the tarmac to a high standard also."

The company admitted last year to the News that littering was 'a huge social problem'.

A spokeperson said: "It is an act that is equally as annoying, if not more annoying for us than it is for patrons.

"We do not only have to see this rubbish but have to incur costs to remove it.

"We, of course, have regular checks of the car park for any maintenance problems and do scheduled clean ups of the site.

"It is, however, unfortunate that sometimes, during busier times of the year, we encounter problems like this.

"We are a small local business that has nothing in mind but to offer the best service possible to local customers."

Parking Ecosse say the CCTV will hopefully identify tippers, who can then in turn be prosecuted.

The spokesperson added: "We want to work together with the authorities to ensure that that anti social behaviour is not repeated on our ground."