A LARGS community councillor is 'going potty' over a long-running roads problem at a busy part of Largs town centre.

A huge pothole keeps reopening at the junction at the shopping area of Aitken Street and the adjoining Gateside Street at what Andy Adair described as 'a dip in the road'.

The community councillor says that the matter needs to be urgently attended to - with the cavernous hole often 'ankle deep'.

It has currently been patched up but the fix often fails within a matter of weeks.

The 81-year-old highlighted the issue during a recent Largs Community Council meeting and says it is becoming a danger to motorists and pedestrians.

Councillor Ian Murdoch told the forum that he was aware of the matter and says he intends to raise the matter with North Ayrshire Council.

Mr Adair told the News: "It was like that for a significant amount of time and needs to be sorted for good rather than just patched up.

"It is a busy street in Largs town centre and this is a hazard.

"If a car hits it as speed it could cause some real damage and if someone trips or falls in it then they could do themselves some real damage. Something needs to be done before there is a proper accident."

North Ayrshire Council urge members of the public to report road faults via their Report It App available on iPhone and Android devices.

Matters reported via these devices will be processed to the relevant service immediately or on the next available working day.

Roads bosses say inspections usually happen within five working days, unless it is an emergency.

The council says that potholes and road issues are rated on a sliding scale, depending on the severity of the fault.

These are Category 1, which they aim to make safe at time of inspection, or within four hours, Category 2 - repaired within five working days from date of inspection; Category 3 - fixed within 60 working days and Category 4 - consider for planned works programme.

More details can be found at www.north-ayrshire.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/report-road-fault.aspx