A FRESH protest march against the proposed closure of Largs Library Hub is taking place later this month.

Campaigners will gather in Gallowgate Square at 1pm on February 22 regarding the proposed 'downsizing' of Largs Library Community Hub.

Jack Muir, of Largs Writers' Club, is masterminding the demonstration.

He said: "We are hoping for a big attendance. It is a last chance to sign our petition and show that we will hold the council to account."

The writers' group is one of many who to use the facility at Allanpark Street.

The decision on the possible move to the Vikingar! has been delayed due to the general election.

The Saturday protest is taking place to allow people who were unable to attend the previous midweek events.

Councillors Tom Marshall and Ian Murdoch, who are supporting the fight to keep the purpose-built facility where it is, will speak.

A decision is expected on the proposal at a forthcoming budget meeting of North Ayrshire Council.