West coast communities including the Isle of Cumbrae are being asked to prepare for more weather related disruption as Storm Dennis is likely to hit over the next few days. 

Ferry operator CalMac has warned that Met Office forecasts are for winds gusting to 70mph, which are likely to cause severe disruption to services.

CalMac's Director of Operations, Robert Morrison said: 

‘We are set to be in for another few days of weather that will impact on our ability to deliver services to island communities. 

‘Coming on the back of Ciara, Storm Dennis is very likely to continue to bring weather that creates challenges for us and the travelling public should be prepared for cancellations and delays.

‘All 28 routes are potentially at risk of disruption, so passengers should check the status of their route before setting off on their journey.’ 

The Met Office has issued severe ‘amber’ warnings for both Saturday and Sunday. 

‘Passengers who need to travel should allow extra time for their journey and continue to monitor sailings on the website or on social media,’ added Robert.

'The easiest way to get the very latest news about a sailing is to sign up for our text alert service via calmac.co.uk.