THE Church of Scotland Guild on Cumbrae marked its 125th birthday with a celebratory event on the island.

On Monday 17 February, members of the Guild - together with invited guests and members of the Largs and Fairlie Guilds - took time to celebrate achievements, reminisce, and look to the future.

Iain Whyte, General Secretary of the Guild, was speaker on the day.

Members of the Cumbrae Guild were instrumental in setting up the new Cumbrae Parish Church.

A total of 53 organisations across Cumbrae helped the Guild raise money for a time capsule and plaque to celebrate the new church, and to mark the 125th anniversary of the Guild on the island.

The capsule is marked for opening in October 2069.

Christine McCubbin joined the Young Woman's group in 1972 and the Guild in the early 1980s.

She said: "I have made many friends and learned so much about the Guild and the Church of Scotland through being a member of this powerful group of women.

"The Guild is not afraid to tackle difficult and sometimes controversial subjects. We have around 40 members which is good for a small island.

"We are not a 'sit back and let others get on with it' group - we are at the forefront of helping others."

The Cumbrae Guild is currently fundraising for the Boys Brigade, Malawi Fruits, Seema's Project, Join Up the Dots, Sailors' Society, and Empowering Teenage Mothers in Zambia.

The Church of Scotland Woman's Guild was set up in 1887 by Dr Archibald Charteris.

In 1937, 7000 Guild members attended the annual meeting in the Usher Hall.

The Young Wives and Mothers group was set up in 1943 and in 1972, became the Young Woman's Group.

In 1997, the name was changed to from Woman's Guild to the Guild and men were able to join.

Today the Guild has around 35,000 members and is one of Scotland's largest voluntary organisations.