A GENEROUS donation of hand sanitizing gel has been made to North Ayrshire - with local support groups in and around Largs set to benefit.

Bonnymans are the largest manufacturers of alcohol hand gel and disinfectants in Scotland and have been inundated with orders.

Cunninghame North MSP Kenneth Gibson said: "I was contacted by Stephen Allam, Managing Director at T.R. Bonnyman Son & Co Ltd in Beith.

"Bonnymans are the largest manufacturers of alcohol hand gel and disinfectants in Scotland and with the recent COVID19 outbreak, they have been extremely busy, noticing an increase in local vulnerable groups contacting then looking for assistance with the provision of these products which are becoming increasingly hard to obtain."

The company has proactively donated gel to various places to ensure groups and care homes have a sufficient supply.

They are now looking to expand the offer across North Ayrshire by donating £100,000 of alcohol gel to the most vulnerable people in Ayrshire with £50,000 worth of goods to be passed out this week and a further £50,000 the following week.

The company however do not have the time or manpower to do it themselves - but are looking for help from council chiefs to get the goods to the most vulnerable.

Mr Gibson added: "I contacted both the chief executives of Ayrshire and Arran NHS and North Ayrshire Council to see if their organisations can help with distribution."

Craig Hatton, NAC Chief Executive, said: “We have been establishing local resilience networks. We will get in touch to see how we can collect and help distribute.”

Mr Gibson added: "I am delighted that North Ayrshire Council has replied so quickly to Mr Bonnyman’s generous offer and anticipate that the NHS too will soon wish to take it up."

Mr Allam said: "I am Ayrshire born and bred and wanted to give something back. The company has the finances available to give the vulnerable in Ayrshire this donation to the tune of £100,000.

"Everything has to do their bit - we have already donated to 30 old folks homes and sheltered housing and hospices.

"I had to speak to my directors about it and they readily agreed.

"We have not been profiteering from this - we have been selling the hand gel at £7.50 per half litre.

"Everyone has a moral responsibility to help. I can't believe this is happening in the world but we all have to stick together."