Public playparks, and Largs seafront car park, have closed with immediate effect, the council have announced.

A council spokesman said: "We have become concerned about the large number of people who have been gathering in various locations across North Ayrshire. Despite well-publicised guidance calling for social distancing, large numbers of people are continuing to gather in parks, seafronts and other locations."

As a result, North Ayrshire Council has today (Monday, March 23) agreed that we will:

• Close all playparks to prevent parents and children touching the same play equipment, as part of the effort to reduce the possibility of transmission of Coronavirus.

• Close Largs seafront car park to discourage the large numbers of people who have disregarded advice to stay indoors and have gathered in the promenade area in large numbers.

• Close all public toilets which remain under Council ownership.

A spokesman added: "While we would encourage people to continue to exercise and go outside, this should be done in a safe manner which restricts the possibility of close contact with others.