CalMac have announced a new reduced service between Largs and Cumbrae as the company scales back its operations.

In light of the latest advice from the UK government urging non-essential travel to stem the spread of the coronavirus, the ferry operator has introduced new essential lifeline timetables on all routes.

From 27 March to 14 April, ferries will depart Largs at 0715, 0745, 0815, 0915, 1115, 1215,1415,1615,1815 and 1915, with departures from Cumbrae slip 15 minutes after these times Monday to Saturday.

Services will be further reduced on a Sunday, with ferries departing Largs at 0815, 0915, 1015, 1215, 1415, 1615, 1815 and 1915, with departures from Cumbrae Slip 15 minutes after these times.

In recent days, passenger numbers across the CalMac network were down 85 per cent, with cars down by 75 per cent.

CalMac’s Managing Director Robbie Drummond said: “We believe that this timetable will be able to maximise use of available crews for the vessels and continue to provide our vital lifeline service for communities.

“As this virus spreads there is the chance that pressure on crewing may require us to make further changes. In this eventuality, we will work to our agreed Route Prioritisation Matrix to ensure that all Islands receive a service.

“Given the lockdown from the Government that has made travel essential only, we think this new timetable is one that best suits the needs of the communities we support.

“It is important that we continue to provide ferries that can take vital goods and services to our island communities and transport people who have essential travel needs.”

The new timetable can be viewed in full at