MP Patricia Gibson has thanked the NHS, keyworkers and community volunteers who are working round the clock to help save lives.

She said: "Those who work in front line services who continue to serve the NHS, in local government and who operate our pharmacies, utilities, and maintain the food and fuel supply deserve our thanks for their hard work on our behalf.

"I take comfort in trusting our community spirit, ingenuity and determination. Already we have seen businesses adapt, with local restaurants offering home delivery services and car makers producing parts for ventilators and I have been heartened to see the creation of new volunteer groups and social networks across the constituency.

"It is both humbling and uplifting to know that those who can, are stepping up to meet this challenge.

"But while adversity can bring out the best in us, it often exposes the worst of human nature too. While the supply of goods to our supermarkets is buoyant, shelves empty as panic buying spreads throughout our communities as quickly as any virus.

"People should shop sensibly and with consideration.

"Everyone needs to access key goods and products, including those who rely on foodbank donations, the staff who keep shops open and so many others working on the front line of this health crisis.

"The Scottish Government is working closely with supermarkets and suppliers to help ensure all areas of the country, including rural and island communities, are catered for. Councils have lifted restrictions on delivery hours to help shops remain stocked.

"The First Minister has made clear her determination to protect the vulnerable and assist workers and businesses in sectors hit hard by the crisis; tourism being the most obvious."

Patricia is contactable on 01294 603774 or to help with any queries constituents may have.

She added: "We are all in this together and I will do all I can to help constituents access any support and information they need."