Across Ayrshire, 23 more people have contracted COVID-19, bringing the total to 177.

This is up from 154, yesterday.

The specific location of these cases is not released due to patient confidentiality.

The Scottish figures leapt up by 430 to 1,993.

Just over 100 of these cases come from one lab which was unable to submit the data at the weekend.

The number of people being treated in ICU has increased to 135, up from 108 yesterday.

Thirteen more patients have died having tested positive for coronavirus.

At present just over 6 per cent of NHS staff are off work with COVID-19 symptoms or self-isolating because someone in their household has symptoms.

Testing of key workers has started and the Scottish Government has published its emergency coronavirus bill.

Central to the legislation, which will be considered in Holyrood tomorrow, is the provision for prevention of evictions across the country.

The power to release certain prisoners early will also be enabled, but, will only be used as "a last resort" said the First Minister.

Nicola Sturgeon, when asked again about the differences regarding construction, reiterated her position that non-essential construction work should not continue as a precautionary measure.

She said: "We can repair the economy, we can't bring people back to life."