Members of Fairlie Community Garden are keen to provide those self-isolating with coronavirus with any additional produce once the growing season gets underway.

The garden, which has about 170 members, has remained open but has seen less activity than normal over the last few weeks.

Members have been following social distancing rules when at the garden and are keen to work with the Safer Fairlie Facebook group to provide any extra produce to those who need it once growing season begins.

Nancy McQueen, the garden’s secretary, said: “In the future, we hope that if people are self-isolating, we hope that we would be able to grow something for them.

“We have a massive amount of stuff growing, but nothing ready to plant out yet.

“We will help out and we will be growing stuff for the community’s benefit for anybody who needs it.

“At the moment it’s so early that nothing is ready.”

She estimates that the first produce will be ready in around 12 weeks, with lettuces and salad vegetables the first to grow.